Using recycled materials to make eco-friendly houses

Have you ever imagined that waste materials can be reclaimed to make new structures? Well, now you know. Material such as old tires or a boat that has outlived its usefulness in the sea can make architectural designs. When it comes to old blocks, they can be sculptured back to form and used to make cabins. Not only that, these old bricks can become part of a modern house, mixing them with new materials t complete an upcoming project.

Although these houses are eco-friendly and at the time of resale if you are unable to sell these privately, quick sale we buy any house companies also may not buy these, leaving you without many options.

Some people love the old, rusty appearance of the bricks and would use them as they are. There are several materials that can be recycled and used for a new project. Let us look at some of these materials.

Eco Friendly Homes

Bottles and cans


Most of us consider bottles and cans to be nothing short of trash after using them. You will find that some of these can be used as tiles for homes. A good example is tomato cans which have been straightened to make outdoor tires for a mountain home. china business consultants and Beer bottles can also be put into good use by stacked to make a make a stunning building like the Buddhist temple in Thailand.
Cans are also cut to form a decorative pattern such as the house in San Pablo, Philippines. The resultant house is said to be up to 3 times stronger than the conventional concrete.

Boats and ships

Boat Home

Boats and ships could be lying in the yard after years of use in the sea. Though most people would consider them as junk, they can in fact be converted into residences. There are many examples of grounded boats and ships which have been grounded and after being decommissioned, converted into architectural masterpieces. If you are creative enough, you can carve a wooden house that looks exactly like a ship!

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